Sunday, May 20, 2007


Fellow bloggers, I am enjoying my time off here in Texas following last week's USC graduation ceremonies. I am looking forward to coming back to Los Angeles later this week and getting back to normal. I'll try and squeeze in some updates this week, although USC football is pretty quiet this off-season. Later this week, I will have a full preview for this weekend's UFC 71: Chuck Liddell versus Rampage Jackson.

However, I wanted to address one thing. I keep getting asked by people why Reggie Bush isn't being punished for his "supposed" accepting of gifts from various agents. Simple. There is no participation in the investigation from various parties and the NCAA does not have the ability to issue subpoenas. I'm just as tired of talking about this as Bush is. I think this is a dead subject until someone breathes life into it, which in most opinions won't happen. So I think I speak for most here on USC Sports Talk that we won't discuss any matters in "BUSH-GATE", as they call it. At least any time soon. However, I find it very funny that the strongest supporters of these charges against Reggie are Bruin fans. While I feel sorry for their "joke" football team and the irony that their pee-wee squad has to play home games in a stadium built for winners, I don't feel sorry for this. FIGHT ON !!!

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