Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brandon Jennings Commits to Arizona

After opening up his recruitment a few weeks ago, Brandon Jennings gave another verbal commitment to the University of Arizona on Monday night. This is not a big surprise to me. After reading quotes from Jennings in various interviews it seemed all but certain that he had dropped USC out of consideration. You can read more about his commitment here.

I will refrain from hating on Jennings because I don't want to seem bitter. However, Jennings' comments when he opened up his recruitment made me doubt whether or not I really wanted this guy on our team. Jennings' stated that his top two schools were UConn and Arizona because they have a reputation for producing great point guards and that they let they point guards play. It sounds like Jennings wants to go somewhere where he can freestyle and showoff his And1 streetball skills. (I apologize in advance for the clips of the awkward looking big man in this video) I wish Jennings the best of luck at Arizona and I look forward to playing against him. We'll see how good he is against Marcus Simmons' shutdown defense.

How do you feel about this Joey?


Joey said...

Its very well known in this community that while I love USC basketball and am a Trojan, I love Arizona hoops.

Its no surprise that Jennings went to Arizona because they do produce good point guards (see Bibby, Reeves, Stoudemire, Terry, Gardner, Shakur), while USC hasn't really produced any point guards of significance. However, I would be bitter because anyone who commits then decommits would piss me off too. But then again, don't be surprised if he decommits, then goes back to SC or to UCONN. With Mayo and Pruitt no longer around in 2008, I figured the opportunity to play right away would be attractive,but that just goes to show you thats its not all about what city you market yourself in, but rather the quality and history of the program. On a side note, Arizona will have a SICK backcourt with recent 5-star Jerryd Bayless and now Jennings. For everyone that says Lute is losing it or can't recruit anymore, take that.

mel kiper fan said...

Like I said about football recruit Dayne Crist when he committed to Notre Dame, if he doesn't want to be here at 'SC then we don't need him. If Jennings wants to go to Arizona and end up having a Miles Simon type NBA career, then so be it. I'm looking forward to seeing the guys that are committed and don't see a need to comment any further on players not coming.

And contrary to what Joey thinks, Lute Olsen (as well as Arizona) is done. It won't be long before Mike Stoops is the longest tenured coach at that sad university. That's right, MIKE STOOPS.

RG3 said...

Fuck this Jennings guy...