Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Keyshawn Feeling Salty?

Ever wonder how a woman feels when her husband divorces her and leaves for a younger woman? Or how a woman on Jerry Springer feels when she finds out her husband wants to be with her sister? Well I can only imagine these women feel a lot like Keyshawn Johnson feels right now. Keyshawn was recently cut by the Carolina Panthers when the Panthers decided to move forward with fellow Trojan family memeber Dwayne Jarrett, one of the top receivers in the draft.

During the draft Keyshawn expressed how excited he was that the Panthers drafted Jarrett. He went on to say how the two receivers are very similar and that he would teach Jarrett "how to be physical and how to play at the point of attack." The live interview between Keyshawn and Jarrett was extremely awkward. The week preceding the 2007 Rose Bowl Keyshawn publicly criticized Jarrett's lack of toughness and said that he wasn't ready for the NFL. Similar criticisms coupled with Jarrett's slow 40 times are the primary reasons Jarrett dropped into the second round. Let me sum up the interview in a few words...
I told you so. How does that make you feel?
Keyshawn, no longer a draft analyst and no longer a Panther, finds himself teamless. One likely destination for the former 1st overall pick is the Tennessee Titans where the Titans look to build around rookie quarterback Vince Young. As for Jarrett, he now has the opportunity to compete for starting time opposite Steve Smith, the NFL Pro Bowler.

Good luck to both receivers. Fight On!

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mel kiper fan said...

Keyshawn should go to the Packers, I'm sure they could use a veteran wideout.