Monday, June 11, 2007

Late Weekend Wrap

There wasn't much going on this weekend, particularly, here at the apartment as everyone was off doing random shit, like working and running errands. Being college students, we tend to be broke much of the time, so that limited me this weekend as far as nightlife and anything requiring money. So here's a recap of what did happen.

NBA Playoffs: Who gives a shit, really? At this point, I would rather watch gay porn than this awful Finals series.

Oceans 13: Anyone see it? Comments here.

4Play: Bed dances anyone?

Late Friday/Early Saturday: I watched Varsity Blues while engulfed in a cloud of smoke and realized how fat and stupid Billy Bob is. Seriously. Also,don't hate on coach Kilmer because the guy knows how to win. Remind you of anyone?

Sopranos Finale: While I appreciate David Chase's efforts and what he tried to accomplish in the long awaited, much hyped finale, nobody ever saw this shit coming.

Stay tuned this week for more news on the arrival of OJ Mayo, USC workout photos, Bruin hating and other related news. In the meantime, enjoy this photo. Its pretty random, but check out this Wolverine fan.

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