Saturday, June 9, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 83 Days

Continuing on our countdown towards to 2007 season, we honor the last two players to have worn jersey #83...Keary Colbert and Fred Davis.

As seen below, Keary Colbert scored 3 touchdowns against Michigan, and was successfully replaced by Steve Smith, who should be upped by the anticipated RoJo.While Keary is a legend at USC with "super glue" hands and clutch catches, Davis has another season to show Trojan fans he is worth the hype. As previously mentioned, Davis is a talented guy who has yet to play up to his predecessor, the Birdman. With a talented offense and a "take away" defense, Davis should get plenty of chances to shine this season.Nevertheless, all praise be to #83!! Fight On !!

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