Thursday, June 7, 2007

Early Predictions

I came across this article from late May, which had some early predictions on the bowl season this coming season. I wasn't surprised to see USC in the national championship game ( against the Cajuns), but I was surprised to see the UCLgay Bruins in the Rose Bowl against the overrated Wisconsin Badgers. Yes, you heard right, the NutJob-Bowl losers in THE- ROSE- BOWL- GAME. Bruin fans everywhere are creaming their pants thinking they have a shot at playing in the stadium built for winners.

While pre-season predictions and polls are good when people actually predict rationally, there is always some moron trying to get face time for some obscure prediction that doesn't have a chance in hell of happening. UCLA will lose at least 4 games this season, and the December 1st massacre will not leave a good impression on the Rose Bowl committee when there is possibly another team they could take if UCLA pulls out some miracles, such as the case in 2004 with Texas and Cal. In any case, Mr. Pete Fiutak needs to pull his head out of his ass and place UCLA where they belong, which is in the MPC Computers Bowl or the annual Bowl. Dump this horseshit. Take the prediction that matters and wipe your ass with the rest. Fuck the Bruins. Fight On!


mel kiper fan said...

The chances that fucla ends up in the Rose Bowl are about the same as Idaho beating USC on Sept 1st, zero. They're likely to finish 4th at best, which will likely send them back to El Paso. I'm looking forward to heckling the Bruins in the Brut Sun Bowl

PCbestever said...

After 12/01 I don't think UC Los Angeles will have any players healthy enough to play in a bowl game. The only chance they have to make it to the Rose Bowl is if KD plays some of the ladies from their women's water polo team.