Saturday, June 30, 2007

Countdown to Kickoff: 63 Days

As we continue on our daily countdown towards the 2007 season, we are now at 63. The year 1963 was a tragic one. On November 22, this nation saw its leader, President John F. Kennedy, murdered in Dallas, Texas at the age of 46...

One of the darkest days in the history of our country, as well as one of the most controversial. I'm not going to get into the talk about a conspiracy, or the "Third Gunman" story, I wasn't there so I don't know what really happened that day. I'm just here to honor the man. The United States was on the verge of World War III during the Cuban Missle Crisis in 1962, but Kennedy played a major role in preventing what could have been Armageddon. Despite becoming the youngest man to be elected United States President in 1960, his regime oversaw many other important events including the Space Race and the Civil Rights Movement.

So here's to you JFK, a true American hero...

Fight On!

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