Sunday, October 7, 2007

USC Ranked No. 10 in the new AP Poll

This is bullshit. How is USC, who has enough 5-star recruits to make other teams drool and one of the best coaches in the country, ranked No. 10 in the AP Poll after losing to Stanford? We should have DROPPED out of the Top 25 completely. I don't think the AP voters realize that we lost to Stanford (At home). With all the talent USC stockpiles, our alleged All-World players, and our great coach, there is no fucking reason we should have lost last night.

This is only the 5th loss by USC since I've been a student here. Cal in 2003 was pretty bad since it was a triple-overtime loss. Texas in the Rose Bowl in 2006 was the worst night of my life. Oregon St. and fUCLA in 2006 were also pretty disappointing, but Stanford in 2007? Are you fucking kidding me? Stanford? At home? WTF!? Who the fuck loses to Stanford?

I sincerely hope Carroll had to be restrained from going after players and coaches in the locker room. This loss shouldn't be taken lightly by the coaching staff. Sarkisian should realize that his play calling sucks dick. It's hard to imagine Lane Kiffin was drawing up better plays. Nick Holt doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. Every time the camera pans across him, he's looking at his play sheet with a look of "What the fuck should I do?"

USC usually bounces back from a loss and gets their shit straight. Players and coaches usually get their heads out of their asses, and realize that they fucked up and need to start playing/coaching better. I just hope that this loss awakens a sleeping giant that can salvage this season. I say salvage because with USC's recent 11+ win seasons, anything short of a National Championship or a BCS Bowl is unacceptable. We still have Oregon and Cal on the schedule and those games will definitely be a gut check. Whatever happens though, I just hope Pete Carroll gets his wish and gets to play in the Rose Bowl this season. That always "jacks" him up...

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Joey said...

We don't deserve to be in the Top 25. Period.