Monday, October 29, 2007

The opportunity left us in the dust....

It was fun while it lasted, right guys? Lets face it, the party had to end sooner or later. Every loss along the way was justified with a "Rose Bowl" or a "everyone else will lose" response. Not this time. Our loss to Oregon guarantees we are out of the BCS national championship race and out of the Pac-10 race as well. Sure, mathematically we are still in the race for the Pac-10 title, but don't count on it folks. This year, book your tickets to either El Paso or Las Vegas because thats where we are headed.

The team gave Oregon a run for its money on Saturday and we even had a shot at winning the game, but give credit to Oregon who is moving on, while we are not. Here are a few things I have outlined to keep an eye on the rest of this season.

1) Playcalling: Our playcalling this season has been horrific. I never thought I would say that I wish Lane Kiffin was still here. An end around on 4th and 1!!?? Are you fucking kidding me? That is the kind of shit that gets you fired. And that is exactly why Steve Sarkisian should be picking up garbage for a living. "Ask Corso" on NCAA 2008 could pick better plays than this clown. We keep constantly hearing from Carroll and Sarkisian that they have "complete confidence" in Sanchez and "he has been brought into the system" and blah,blah, blah.....
If thats the case, they need to take advice from this man next time they want to run the ball with under 3 minutes on their own 20 yard line down by a touchdown with a 2 page playbook. Or in other words, playing the game just to "play it".

2) Heart: If this team has any of it left, they will take no prisoners and relish the role of "spoiler" and cause ruckus to everyone else's season by injuring and destroying their players and teams.

3) Coaching Changes: Carroll needs to pull his grey muff out of his ass and fire some coaches. Starting with Nick Holt, Carroll needs to lay down the law. Holt has done nothing but steer the ship using 7-9 NFL future lottery picks. No coaching, just cruising. Last time I checked, that's not why he was hired. Carroll needs to take over the defense completely and hire a O-coordinator that can get the job done on his own. I won't even touch on special teams.

4) Recruiting: This season has permanently damaged the perception of the USC football program. Once heralded as "unbeatable" and "athletically and mentally superior" is now being discussed using the words "Stanford", "injuries", and "Stanford." Is everyone else catching up to USC? No. USC has slammed on the breaks with awful coaching, poor preparation, and underachieving players. We still have some 5-star athletes on the radar across the U.S. , specifically in the defensive backfield, who need to be shown what USC is all about.

5) Sanchez: He has shown the cannon and moxy to compete with Mustain next year. I hate to mention the scumbags from across town (still wiping human ejaculate from their photos of Ben Howland) , but like Patrick Cowan, Mark Sanchez has the toughness to compete over a supposed more accurate and pro-style quartertback. Booty has been exposed for the average QB that he is and there is no reason to bring him back. There is this rule that you don't lose your starting job to injury, but rules don't matter anymore. Its one thing when your undefeated and the team is rolling, but its another to say it after you lose to no talent, fairies with an "S" on their helmet.

For once, USC is playing a different role in college football. We can go around crying like babies that we won't play in a BCS game or even yet, get to the promised land and "end-all, be-all" wet dream of all sports, the Rose Bowl, or we can take this opportunity to have fun. Whether its giving Rudy Carpenter a career ending injury or removing the head from Desean Jackson again, there are things to look forward to. It was fun winning national championships and laughing at eveyone that we blew out by 60+ points, but some things we never knew. How does it feel to spoil someone's season? The run is over, we need to rebuild and cause some damage along the way. Fight on!


Allen said...

Fuck this shit. For the past five years this team has had the superior talent and coaching to win every game they've played.

Instead, over the past two (or three) years all the coaches and players have done is try not to lose games.

I'm tired of this crap. You have what it takes to win a NC every damn year. Go out there and start playing to win. Some people think its okay to play not to lose: they're called douchebags.

Win. Just fucking win.

Joey said...

Well put. The only people stopping USC are the very coaches who need to unleash the talent.

RG3 said...

I like the way Allen thinks and writes... it's eerily similar to the way all the contributors at USC Sports Talk think. Good stuff.

Every other team would drool over the talent USC stockpiles. Our shitty coordinators are holding them back.