Sunday, October 14, 2007

Feast On That

Week 7 brought us another crazy weekend in college football. USC played pretty fucking shitty again, but at least this time we won against Arizona. More on that later, but what really brought joy to me this weekend was seeing this:

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It felt so relieving to see Les Miles frustrated on the sidelines and somber in his press conference. That guy is a fucking douche if there ever was one. I bet his own family hates his guts, assuming there was a woman brave enough to put up with that piece of shit in the first place. LSU lost to a very good Kentucky team on the road. I know what it feels like to lose those triple overtime games at the wire (see Cal 2003). It's a real shitty feeling, and I know LSU fans are hurting. Shit happens though and Les Miles is a cunt, so fuck him.

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Then to top things off, as I'm enjoying a nice meal of chicken wings and beer at Hooters, Cal loses to Oregon St. on a bonehead play by their redshirt freshman QB. Cal drives down the field in an attempt to tie the game with a field goal, only this cat decides to be a hero and scramble for a first down and runs out the clock in the process. What a fucking idiot. It was such a good ending to a day that saw LSU fall.

The first BCS poll comes out today and I'm sure USC will be pretty far down the rankings, but with the way this season is going, anything can happen. Big game today in Dallas with the hated Patriots and Bill Belicheat visiting the Cowboys at Texas Stadium. Hopefully Romo can pull this one out. It's also Notre Dame week, so expect a lot of hate and venom aimed this week at Charlie "Mom Jeans" Weis and the Irish. Feast on that.


Joey said...

There's only one thing to say to that....




Allen said...

I read like 200 USC blogs on a daily basis and this and CC are definitely my favorite ones.

CC provides the facts, but this blog is like reading my own thoughts.

Kudos to you guys.

-Class of 2007

Joey said...


you have come to the right place. We are students bringing the news that way it should be brought....fresh and free of bullshit.