Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crank Dat

After seeing Soulja Boy in Vegas during the MTV VMA weekend last month, I'm becoming a fan of the "Crank Dat" phenomenon. Recent visits to youtube have offered these masterpieces:

Those are the Texas Longhorns doing the Superman during their game against UCF. Besides watching 3/4 of the team dancing to this on the sideline, the funny thing is that it wasn't even their home stadium. You have to respect any public display of the Superman, especially when you're the visiting team. My favorite part is when the players taking the field as they're still dancing... funny shit.

Here's a clip of Sebastian the Ibis, mascot for the Miami Hurricanes or the U, dancing to Crank Dat in the endzone. This is an instant classic for mascot displays. Not only is he doing it wearing a big ass mascot head, but he takes off the jacket and goes dumb. It must be fun going to Miami games this year and getting to watch Sebastian do his thing.

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