Sunday, October 7, 2007


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USC lost to Stanford... at home... Stanford... I'm too confused and drunk right now to say anything else, but there has to be a rational explanation for this. I hope we can make sense of this tomorrow.


bcm said...

I am holding some words here. I understand how it feels when something like this happens to your team. But it is nice to know that I wont have to listen to the "USC" BS talk about how you guys are the best, this probably the "best football team in college history.

And I wont have to be angry on January 7th because USC wont play in the Super Dome....

LSU!!! LSU!!!!!

RG3 said...

Whatever argument USC had against LSU in terms of who's the best team in the nation this season went out the door in a fiery explosion last night. Good teams shouldn't lose to mediocre teams like Stanford (at home) and struggle against Washington. As much as I hate the SEC, LSU and pretty much every other team in the nation, USC blew cock last night and we are far from a top tier team.

Joey said...

USC won't be playing in any bowl. If I were Pete Carroll, I would decline every bowl invitation out there.

Unless ofcourse, its the Las Veg-ASS bowl, right RG3????? We goin do it big....all day...all Pure!