Sunday, October 7, 2007

booty (noun)- /'bü-tE/ producer of sh^t

QB Competition Checklist:

1. Give the senior QB an opportunity to play and prove himself. COMPLETE

2. Allow praised QB to compete for Heisman Trophy. COMPLETE

3. Pull senior quarterback and replace him with the more talented redshirt sophomore quarterback who possess greater athleticism, confidence, arm strength, heart, and intelligence. PROCESSING...

4. Sit back and watch as your offense flourishes under the new field general.

Booty officially under the bus

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Joey said...

We gave him plenty of chances...but he is no longer helping us win. In fact, he isn't just doing "nothing", he is making plays that are directly resulting in points for the other team. For instance, if Booty had thrown the ball away after every snap in the 4th quarter, our defense would have won the game simply based on field position and their quarterback making a mistake.

The results are in...and Booty is out. The revolution must begin....with Sanchez.

RG3 said...

Ever since I booed the shit out of Booty freshman year in 2003, I've disliked him. Nothing has changed since then. mel kiper fan told us that stat last night that Booty is 15-3 as a starter. The problem with that is the 3 in the loss column. Booty sucks ass. The play calling sucks ass and the offense needs some new life.

Chris said...

I was discussing the "game" with my friends and no one could remember a single instance of Booty scrambling for a first down. Even Leinart, as slow as he was, scored a few TD's using his feet and a big heart. Gotta give THE DIRTY his shot- after all, isn't USC all about Competition?

Joey said...

"isn't USC all about Competition?"

So they say....we'll see

Best quote from this weekend:

"Booty isn't worth the toilet paper lint in my ass crack."