Saturday, October 13, 2007

Enter Mark Sanchez...

The wait is over Trojan fans. Mark Sanchez makes his long awaited first start this Saturday against the Arizona Wildcats. Sanchez gets the nod over JDB who is still recovering from the broken finger he suffered against Stanford last week.

Mark Sanchez
I haven't been this excited for an SC game this entire season. Ever since Mark Sanchez arrived as a freshmen I've been anticipating his first start. Hopefully the weather will clear up and allow Mark to show the coaches and the fans what he can bring to our offense.

I wonder how Carroll will respond if Sanchez goes balls out on Saturday in a blowout victory?

Odds are, regardless of how well Sanchez plays on Saturday, Booty will be our starting QB in South Bend if his finger is fully healed. We'll see if our program really revolves around COMPETITION next week.

What's Mustain thinking right now?


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Conquest Chronicles said...

I still like Mustain. nothing can replace real game experience.