Saturday, September 15, 2007



Ladies and gentlemen, the party at Westwood High has officially ended. If there was ever a way to start the USC-Nebraska game, it was with a UCLA loss. In fact, loss was an understatement after the Mighty Utah Utes destroyed UCLA and their "show-me" season, 20 returning starters, and South Paw Jesus. Here's a photo recap for all our readers on what went down before Nebraska.

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The kids across town refer to Ben Olson as "South Paw Jesus", when the only thing they share in common is crucifixion.

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Defensive Genius at work everybody

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I took a few of these quotes from a rival blog before Saturday...

  • "I don't think the Bruins could ask for a better opponent to get the anemic offense clicking heading into the main Pac-10 season".......
  • "Have a fun Friday night everyone. See you tomorrow as get ready for what should be a blowout Saturday."
  • "This is a sure fire win. no question.
Well......Things sure can change in a hurry as I caught this little quip from a loyal Bruin fan following Saturday's game...

"I turned the game off and now paying bills. I think I'll iron a few shirts tonight. A lot of downtime. I think I'll spend more time with the dogs"

Pathetic. Just pathetic. For a team that is "supposed" to challenge for a Pac-10 Title, they look as though they'll be lucky to challenge for the Sun Bowl. I can name 8 teams in the Pac-10 that can take down these clowns. They can "13-9" all they want, but the fact remains.... December 1st is rapidly approaching.
Favorite moment of the night: Everett running for a TD and then fumbling the ball into the endzone for a touchback. Of course you can blame Karl Dorrell for that since Karl should have held onto the ball a little tighter. You could also fire Walker since he was actually on the field missing tackles all night, right? I mean, how could you not fire Dorrell after "South Paw (school girl giggle) Jesus"threw 3 picks? Dorrell should have thrown the ball away instead of forcing it into coverage. Come on, Karl, you know better than that.

On a more serious note, Route 44 will be when the sports world realized what everyone in LA already knows and that is...UCLA is a joke. And so are their fans. Especially the ones calling for Dorrell's head. They should be calling for a new roster if you ask me. We all expected UCLA to lose a lot this season, but already to Utah? I love it. Mark my words, this is where the train goes off the tracks and everything spins out of control for a program already on the shelf. Fuck the Bruins. Fight On!



Rex Cramer said...

I'm with you a 100%. This is where the wheels come off the cart for ladies of Westwood High.

All the delusions of grandeur have now ended. After setting the bar for this season at an unreachable height, these delusional cry babies are already giving up on the rest of the season.

I expect a mad rush to remove all the fucla stickers & plate frames that were purchased about 10 months ago.

Nice fan base you got there powder blue.

RG3 said...

It's going to be a shame to see Karl Dorrell leave. As much fun as it was embarrassing this guy, you have to feel sorry for all the hatred he's getting. The players have just as much fault as he and the "coaching staff" do. The coaches weren't the ones getting juked out of their cleats on Saturday. The coaches weren't the ones making piss poor tackles on a shitty Utah team.

Oh well. At least they still have the dusty basketball banners to jerk off on. Fuck UCLGay.