Thursday, September 6, 2007

2007 NFL Predictions

The NFL Season kicks off tonight as the New Orleans Saints travel to Indianapolis to take on the defending champion Colts. This is a possible Super Bowl XLII preview, but both teams still have some lingering questions. The Colts need to replace several defensive players that departed in the off-season, while the Saints must prove that last season was no fluke. So with all this talk about Super Bowl previews, here's how I believe the season will unfold (playoff teams in Red, italics)...

AFC East-------------NFC East
1. New England------1. Dallas
2. NY Jets------------2. Philadelphia
3. Miami--------------3. NY Giants
4. Buffalo-------------4. Washington

AFC North-----------NFC North
1. Baltimore----------1. Chicago
2. Pittsburgh---------2. Green Bay
3. Cincinnati----------3. Detroit
4. Cleveland----------4. Minnesota

AFC South-----------NFC South
1. Indianapolis-------1. New Orleans
2. Tennessee---------2. Tampa Bay
3. Jacksonville-------3. Atlanta
4. Houston-----------4. Carolina

AFC West------------NFC West
1. San Diego----------1. San Francisco
2. Kansas City--------2. Seattle
3. Oakland-----------3. Arizona
4. Denver------------4. St. Louis

AFC Championship
New England 24 Indianapolis 14

NFC Championship
New Orleans 27 Dallas 23

Super Bowl XLII
New England 30 New Orleans 20
Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady

I just can't see how anyone will slow down Tom Brady and Co. this season. He has the best supporting cast of his career, so it's not surprising that they are the favorites to win it all again. The NFC champ will be the Saints, assuming that they win the home-field advantage over the Bears (which I think they will), who will not be challenged much in a still very weak NFC. Look for the Raiders as a sleeper team, that's right, the Raiders. They have a fast and physical defense, and the offense seems to be coming around under the direction of former Trojan offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. Good luck to everyone on their fantasy team, and enjoy the NFL season. You'll be hearing from me throughout the year on the NFL and the no to distant 2008 NFL Draft.

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RG3 said...

Fuck Tom Brady. No one would give a rat's ass about Brady if that asshole hadn't cheated with the "tuck rule" against the Raiders that year.