Monday, September 17, 2007

Mayo Only the Beginning

Nice video that highlights the talent that Tourney Tim has lined up for the Trojans. The video features Demar Derozan (08') and Dwayne Polee (10')....

Dwayne is only a sophomore in high school and he's taking off (almost) from the free throw line... He could be a monster.

No news on Greg Monroe yet. Tim Floyd met with Monroe for an in-home visit on Sunday. Monroe will meet with four other coaches before he decides which schools he will officially visit.

Fight On!


Arek said...

Dwayne polee can dunk from the freethrow line, he tried it but the ball flew out of his hand in mid air, but he was easily high enough, he couldve dunked it with 2 hands

Joey said...

Sick, man. Just plain sick. Howland wishes he had these athletes. He might have guys that are team players, but team players don't fly like these birds.