Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kevin Thomas to Redshirt Season

The Daily News is reporting that junior cornerback Kevin Thomas is expected to redshirt this season as he recovers from an off-season shoulder surgery. Thomas' injured shoulder prevented him from participating in contact drills during fall camp and as Scott Wolf reports, feels "tight."

Kevin Thomas has yet to have an injury-free season while at USC. His freshmen year he missed several games due to an illness. The following year he suffered a broken ankle which required surgery. And most recently, his shoulder injury. IMO Kevin Thomas is our most gifted cornerback. He has amazing speed and is very agile. Mel kiper fan and myself watched in amazement as he glided through position drills this fall with his tremendously quick feet. Hopefully, Thomas will benefit from a season off and come back next season healthy and ready to ball.

Fight On!


Joey said...

Very sad, especially, since he's got game. It would be different if KeTO sucked and was injured, but he's so quick.

This also helps hedge the possible loss of recruit Patrick Johnson or T.J. Bryant.

mel kiper fan said...

Hopefully P. Johnson and T.J. Bryant will not care who is still on the depth chart, they should know that PC will give them an opportunity to win a starting job and earn playing time. With that being said, good luck to Kevin...