Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rose Bowl Bound

It wasn't the bludgeoning that we all had hoped for, but USC restored some order to the universe with a 24-7 victory over UCLA yesterday. USC clinched a record 6th Pac-10 conference title and a bid for the Rose Bowl. The game was actually pretty fucking boring with a slew of turnovers. The USC offense looked sloppy and could have made the final score a lot uglier if it hadn't wasted so many opportunities.

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The defense showed up to play and harassed Patrick Cowan all game. Props to Cowan though for getting up each time he was leveled by the USC defense until he finally went down with a knee injury late in the game. That guy can take a hit. Anyone who isn't dead after that hit by Rey in last year's game earns my respect. Kudos to UCLA WR Dominique Johnson for making a badass one handed catch too. Unfortunately, UCLA still LOST so no one gives a shit.

We're far from over though with the 2007 season. We'll be awaiting word as to who we'll play in the Rose Bowl since shitty West Virginia lost and even shittier Missouri lost too, which means Ohio St. will go to the BCS championship game. Needless to say, the BCS is FUCKED and a playoff would definitely be nice this time of year. If only the douchebag university Presidents and Chancellors weren't so fucking gay...

But I digress. Pete Carroll was spotted today at the USC-Kansas basketball game with several recruits at hand. Hopefully they'll make the right choice and commit to play for the Trojans. I was surprised Carroll wasn't sleeping off a hangover. I'm sure he had quite a celebration after being so "jacked" about the Rose Bowl.

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We'll find out soon who we'll play in the Rose Bowl, but until then we'll enjoy this victory over UCLA. Cheers.

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