Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In 3 Days...

The wrecking is almost at hand. December 1st cannot come soon enough for every Trojan fan. I've never really gotten excited about the UCLA game as much as this year. My freshman year, I witnessed the 47-22 beat down at the Coliseum and Mike Williams OWNING a helpless UCLA CB Matt Clark.

The following year USC came away from the Rose Bowl with a 29-24. The game was pretty boring with a slew of field goals by Ryan Killeen (who was garbage).

Then in 2005 we saw the bloodbath of the 66-19 dismantling of the Ruins. That game was sweet. It was over midway through the 2nd quarter and the rest of the game was salt in the wounds.

Last year was an abomination. The play calling and execution was terrible and we let a potential National Championship slip away at the hands of a shitty fucking team and an even shittier coach. I'm sure Pete Carroll and Co. are salivating at the chance to make it back to the Rose Bowl with a win over the much hated Bruins.

Tommy Trojan is covered in tape, Dorrell is cleaning out his office and Carroll's blood pressure is through the roof since he's so jacked. Saturday will hopefully be a glorious day. The USC Sports Talk tailgate will keep us well fed and drunk and we should see a dominant performance by the Trojans. Cheers to that.

Fight On!

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