Monday, December 31, 2007

Jacked Up For the Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl is only one day away and I'm looking forward to see the match up between Pete Carroll and Ron Zook.

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They are by far, the two best coaches and recruiters in college football. It's going to be a shame to root against Coach Zook since he's a favorite here at USC Sports Talk. ESPN's Mark Schlabach had a good write-up comparing the two coach's journeys. Despite the apparent mismatch on paper between the teams, Illinois should present a challenge to the Trojans given our recent trouble against running quarterbacks. I still wake up in a cold sweat some nights thinking about a certain No. 10 (who will remain nameless) running into the endzone untouched in a Rose Bowl a few years back... (thank you very much, Frostee "Cunt" Rucker for breaking containment). Hopefully this year's speed on defense can neutralize Juice Williams and the rest of the Illini attack.

I hope it's a competitive game tomorrow and that we come out victorious. Even though it's not the arbitrarily arranged national championship game, a win in the Rose Bowl would definitely salvage this disappointing year and start the new year on a good note. Enjoy the game boys and girls and Happy New Year!

Fight On!

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