Friday, December 7, 2007

2008 Rose Bowl aka BOREFEST 2008

We never thought we'd end up here, but its USC's 6th straight conference title and BCS appearance. No other coach or team in America can say that. Unfortunately, the Rose Bowl and its band of white-coat wearing, Lexus driving douchebags decided to choose Illinois to represent its at-large pick against USC. Don't get us wrong, USC Sports Talk has a chubby for Arrelious Benn and an affection for the Zooker. But these guys aren't in the same ballpark as USC, hell, probably not even the same fucking sport. USC is on a plateau by itself, while Illinois is a promising program on the rise. Nevertheless, the BCS spits it out, and we must force ourselves to watch this shit. We should have some posts on the game coming soon, including everyone's biased opinion. But for now, we have finals and other things to do. We'll get stuff up ASAP.

So for our faithful readers, forgive the lack of content and opinion. We appreciate every one of you who continue to check our site and read up on USC and its ownage of Los Angeles.


goillini said...

I can't wait until the Illini roll into Pasadena and beat up your overrated trojans. Hey, remember that loss to Stanford? We already beat a #1 team and going up against you homosexual beach boys will be no contest. Prepare to get Zooked.

Joey said...

Overrated?? I think you are hallucinating, my friend. You beat an OVERRATED Ohio State team in everyone's opinion.

Because the Big 10 is so shitty, Illinois has been invited to play in a game reserved for champions. We know Zook can recruit, but can he coach in a big game? My guess is no. USC owns the Rose Bowl and Illinois owns...well, I don't know. But its obvious that Trojan Nation is not excited for what should be a blowout.

We wanted Gerogia or LSU.

RG3 said...

Who's this asshole calling "homosexual beach boys?" Fuck this clown.

erictidd said...

yeah i will say we got robbed out of a decent game for the rose bowl, seeing that we finished the season as one of the most badass teams in the nation. but yeah i remeber that loss to stanford, i also remember the fact that our qb had the balls enough to do his best to finish the game with a broken finger, that's strength, something the illini didn't have against iowa, michigan, and missouri, the big ten has had nothing this year, ohio state lucked thier way into the national championship this year due to every other conferance having worthy contenders. does illinois deserve to play with their similair spread offense and run defense, maybe but i would like to remind you that the last time we met it was 55-3 as the final with john robinson as the coach. so yeah i'll take our tradition of pac-10 vs. big 10 over what would be a great game with georgia, and at the end of the night we'll add another number to our wins in our bowl (22-31) which is the most of rose bowl history. so yes on the first day of the new year we will welcome you to california, homosexual beach bums and all, i'm sure they'll be there, but when you return to illinois with your tail between your legs and your heads to the ground, you'll remember your place, for this is ours on top of you. welcome to the rose bowl, my friend.