Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Recap

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USC 24 - Cal 17

The USC Trojans fought the rain, the Cal Bears and the rest of the hippies up north en route to a victory this past weekend. Chauncey "The First President" Washington wrecked the Cal defense and finished with a career best 220 yards rushing and 1 TD. The rain made for a sloppy game, but the Trojans were able to hang on to the lead and gave another reason for Jeff Tedford to put a gun to his temple after one of the most disappointing seasons of his career. Me-sean Jackson remained a douche and finished with 61 yards receiving and was a non-factor. The victory gives the Trojans the possibility of going to the Rose Bowl if they can beat ASU on Thanksgiving Day in a few weeks. There's also the bi-annual rape of the Bruins at the Coliseum to look forward to on December 1st.

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Illinois 28 Ohio St. 21
The Buckeyes were "Juiced" on Saturday at the Horseshoe by the Fighting Illini. Juice Williams is a favorite here at USC Sports Talk and he gutted Ohio St. with 4 TDs in an impressive performance to take down the No. 1 team in the land. It was nice to see Ron Zook emotional after the victory during the post-game interview. That guy is a class act, a great coach and a decent human being. Kudos to Zook and the rest of the Fighting Illini.

There were a lot of other games this weekend, but no one gives a shit about any of them. Michigan is still a joke, Miami got shutout in their last game at the Orange Bowl and Mark Mangino is still a fat piece of shit.

In other news, OJ Mayo had his regular season debut for the Trojans at home against the mighty Mercer Bears... and we lost. Mayo finished with 32 points but the team looked out of sync and lost at times. I really hope Floyd can set the team right once everyone gets healthy, but we shall see.

I know we've been lagging lately with posts and updates, but we're all students and midterms are shitty. We'll get back into rhythm soon. Until then, "Jagger Bombs!"


Joey said...

FUck Ohio State. Its bad for college football when undeserving teams play for titles and they suck. Only 3 games left for Booty to stink things up. Cheers to that.

710 ESPN Radio had Carroll jerking it to Chauncey and the running game. It was disgusting, but you can tell Carroll is getting wet to the idea of the Rose Bowl against Ohio State. As shitty as that sounds.

Either way, he was drinking Heinekens all fuckin night on Saturday.

Adam Joe said...

hahaha. Keep up the stuff about mangino. He is one fat lard.