Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Illusions of Grandeur

We are now just one day closer to the dismantling of UCLA (FYI, UCLA now highlights the Cunts their uniform, so we will maintain consistency) at the Coliseum on Saturday afternoon. Tuesday of Hate Week brings some "quotes" from the delusional Westwood Wankers from the infamous "BruinsNation" Here are a few that will knock your socks off from the brilliant all- knowing Festor.

"I am sure our defensive guys are all shaking in their boots about facing an offense which it blew up all over the Rose Bowl last season"

At this point, the UCLA defense should be shaking in their boots about facing any offense with a pulse, unlike Oregon minus Dixon, Utah, or the steamrolling offense of Notre Dame. The way USC moved the ball against ASU, the offense has definitely improved and will be dangerous for once.

"Their running game is not all that formidable this year, compared to the one our defense destroyed last year."

Right. The idea of Chauncey Washington and Stafon Johnson along with the dangerous McKnight isn't at all formidable, considering we did have the all world CJ Gable and Emmanuel Moody last season. I seriously hope they are kidding because with a healthy offensive line, we will rush for at least 200 yards, easily.

"If our D can hold these guys to within 20 points..."

I quit reading mid sentence because this asshole has no idea what he is talking about. If we kick a field goal, the game is out of reach already. Do you mean to tell me that their 4th string QB plucked from the scout team will lead a charge on this defense which is now just peaking? I'll give Cowan his due for last season, but he paid the price for it and will now acquire Alzheimer's at age 30. This Osaar Rashaan scrub has no idea what he is in for. And let's not bring up their 30 year old Mormon QB, who might be even worse. The fact that they scored 13 last year was a miracle, and I don't expect them to reach that this year.

Other events surrounding this weekend are the possible departure of Karl Dorrell and hiring of Norm Chow, Mike Leach, Bill Cowher, Mike Price, Vince Lombardi, Chris Peterson, Tom Landry, or Bill Walsh to take over the "prestigious" and "tradition-rich" UCLA football program. This may be the end of Krazy Karl as we know it, but we all need to stay focused on what is important this weekend, which is taking back Los Angeles and reminding everyone who the best football program in America really is. While most Bruin fans say they don't care about this weekend's game, the reality is that every one of them does.

I don't think Pete Carroll has ever been more jacked up for a football game in his life. Not even when trying to win a 3rd straight national championship or trying to prove all the NFL doubters wrong. Last season's stunning loss was probably more surprising than this season's loss to Stanford. Carroll marched right up to his office and watched film and waited.... a year. Well, it has finally arrived and I know that Coach Carroll will take no prisoners this weekend. 13-9 will officially become a useless phrase on Saturday night when there won't be enough training tables for all the Bruin injuries. We should all be confident that our stout defense and emerging offense will bring their best game this Saturday.

Fight On! Fuck the Bruins!

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