Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fire Steve Sarkisian

I hate Steve Sarkisian. Everyone here at USC Sports Talk has hated this man for 2 years, maybe even longer. This piece of shit is responsible for USC's underachievement the last couple of years. We have the players, the talent, the reputation and aura to instill fear in every opponent, yet USC consistently falters against inferior teams. Blame Sarkisian. Blame Carroll too for not firing this guy a long time ago. A chimp pointing at a play sheet would draw up a better game plan than this guy.


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cnsport said...

Dude! You're right! A chimp would be better! Made me think of this hilarious BCS satire that I found that uses chimps. They have it right though. If there were playoffs, we'd win every year. USC is unstoppable down the stretch!

Check it out!