Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week 10 Recap

A few important games this past weekend shook up the National Championship picture even further. Our USC Trojans handled business and destroyed the Washington Huskies 56-0, posting the 3 shutout of the season for the Trojans. While we're still on the outside looking in with regards to the BCS title game, the rankings were given a good shakeup by the likes of this man:

The Mad Scientist

Mike "I Love Brain I Need A" Leach pulled out all the stops and went for the throat during the closing seconds of his game against the Texas Longhorns. With the ball on the Texas 28 yard line, a timeout remaining and 8 seconds left in the game, your average coach would probably have settled for a field goal, but not Leach. He opted to go for all the marbles and dialed in a play that threw into double coverage that could have ended very badly. Michael Crabtree raced down the sideline, side-stepped two defenders and scored the winning touchdown in a thrilling game between the Texas rivals.

You can bet that there was no one happier than this guy:

The win put Texas Tech at No. 2 in the BCS rankings. USC sits at No. 7, hoping that the teams above them lose a few times.

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