Friday, March 30, 2007

Go Gators

Go Florida!! Now we may be playing Florida in next year's BCS National Championship so don't get the wrong idea, I hate Florida and the SEC. I'm a big Florida fan on Saturday though. Albert marches on to face Georgetown or Ohio State! Fucla!!

Fight On!

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Joey said...

I hope Florida trashes UCLA...they think they are the premier program in America...bullshit. It will be a rough ride to reality when Noah and Horford teabag Mata and Brewer locks down Afflalo. I think the score might be more lopsided than last year.

RG3 said...

Hopefully Albert the Gator can nut all over Joe Bruin tomorrow. I'm usually a Florida hater ever since that scumbag Matt Walsh was playing with his shitty red hair.

I'll have to cheer for the Gators tomorrow though along with Joke-kim Noah. Fucla.