Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Football Monopoly Over?

Apparently the "football monopoly" in Los Angeles is over, according to an advertisement taken out in the LA Times by fucla.


I guess the assbags at fucla think that buying ad space in the paper will erase years of futility and embarrassment on the football field. Jim Rome had a great take on the situation in today's Rome Is Burning. He argued how USC is lightyears ahead of the powder blue and until the Ruins show some life against opponents on the football field, this little ad means nothing. You have to agree with Mr. Rome. Sure fucla plays USC tough every other year, but they need to compete against the rest of the teams on their schedule instead of getting manhandled by the likes of Notre Dame.

Slick Rick faces a huge challenge in breathing life into a dismal program in Westwood and this ad can only add to the hardships. I'm sure Pete Carroll will put a copy of this ad in every player's locker room before December 6. Maybe in a few years the games will be more competitive, but you can bet your ass that there will be a bludgeoning at the Rose Bowl this season. I'm sure Rey will be licking his chops at seeing whatever excuse of a quarterback is lined up in the fucla backfield.

Until Slick Rick picks up more than the leftover recruits USC discards and teaches the garbage over there how to play, I see no end to the football monopoly in Los Angeles in the near future.

Fight On!

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