Monday, February 18, 2008

USC 46 fUCLA 56

There's only one picture to sum up last night's game:

A teabag?

The Galen Center was electric last night as the crosstown rivalry was renewed for another game between our schools. USC came out with black jerseys, which looked pretty tight. Unfortunately for us, USC was on the losing end. OJ Mayo was held to only 4 points and committed 10 turnovers. It was a shame because the rest of the team was fighting and clawing their way all over the court, but Mayo just didn't show up tonight. Taj Gibson had a big game with 16 points, 12 rebounds and an effort that we hadn't seen all season. Jefferson was in early foul trouble that didn't allow him to get into any rhythm. I understand that we can't expect Mayo to shoot lights out every game, but even superstars have bad shooting nights. All of us at USC Sports Talk were critical of Mayo because it looked like he just wasn't trying out there. Case in point, we present you Exhibit A:

A great effort on defense.

If his shot wasn't on tonight, the least he could do was play ferocious defense or make smarter passes. There were at least 200 errant passes by Mayo last night.

Another thing I blame for this loss is the lack of intensity by the scumbag students who were sitting over the UCLA tunnel. We got there kind of late, so we didn't get the tunnel seats that we had been longing for all season. Part of the home court advantage is having those handful of students who make the night miserable for opposing coaches and players by yelling every obscenity they can think of. The assholes around the tunnel were in their seats the whole fucking game. The fUCLA players weren't assaulted with a barrage of insults when they were walking in or out of the tunnel. We needed people who would remind Love that the Beach Boys suck and that he's fat. We needed people who would berate Shipp for being a piece of shit. The scumbags around the tunnel failed in that mission. It was also bullshit how the students right above the tunnel were none other than Kevin Ellison, Kevin Thomas, Cary Harris and Marc Tyler, all of them part of our football team. If anything, the rivalry should mean a lot more to them as players, but instead they were fucking sitting down the whole fucking game.

Our shitty seats didn't stop us from going down to the tunnel when the game was over. We were able to get front and center over the tunnel to yell all of that hate down onto the fUCLA players. We know they all heard us because of the smiles and acknowledgments we got from Mbah a Moute, Keefe, Westbrook, Collision and Shipp. I also have a new most hated player: Michael Roll. I was too busy calling Shipp a fucking cunt, when Roll straight up stopped and yelled something at us. I really wish I knew what that piece of shit had said, but I didn't catch it. If he's reading this, please comment on the post.

Fuck you, Michael Roll.

It was a tough loss, but our players need to bounce back and regroup in the remaining Pac-10 games if they want to have any chance of making the NCAA tournament in March. Fuck Michael Roll.


mel kiper fan said...

Roll better hope we don't find floor seats to the Pac-10 might get ugly, I mean ugly...

Joey said...

very disappointing on behalf of our students. Our group definitely would have made a difference had we been seated closer to the floor.