Sunday, January 6, 2008


I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Les Miles as he arrived in New Orleans for LSU's upcoming game against Ohio St. Here's the transcript of the USC Sports Talk EXCLUSIVE interview with Coach Miles himself:

RG3: Thank you, Coach Miles for taking the time to sit down with me. I know you're busy preparing your team for your upcoming arbitrarily arranged game.

Les: No problem. Anything for a fan.

RG3: Who the fuck said I was a fan? Anyways, is your team prepared for this game?

Les: My team is ready. My DAMN strong team is ready for this game. Hell, we come from the SEC, the best conference in the nation.

RG3: Don't you think that LSU was lucky to get into this bowl game considering you lost TWO games and you lost late to a mediocre Arkansas team?

Les: Hold on now, my team is undefeated in regulation. We lost two triple-overtime games and we played in the hardest conference...

RG3: Undeafeted? WTF? You lost two games.

Les: Yeah, but not in regulation.

RG3: But you LOST two games. Those games went down as losses.

Les: All I know is that my team is undefeated in regulation.

RG3: Well then sir, you are a fucking idiot. Now please answer me this, what's up with all the fuss you caused with the alleged Michigan job?

Les: Well, my alma mater came calling and I was looking forward to coaching there but like I said, I have a DAMN strong team here.

RG3: You were a real asshole during the press conference you called before the SEC championship game. Why do you come off as such a douche?

Les: You see, I don't like rumors spread about me. I have a DAMN strong team and we're just trying to win.

RG3: You didn't answer my question, why are you such a fucking asshole?

Les: Well, I guess it's because I lick so much ass. Always have, since I was very little. You are what you eat, right?... haha

RG3: Now coach, I heard that you like golden showers? Is this true?

Les: Yes! I fucking love them. I like that warm feeling you get when you're showering in piss. It makes my nipples so hard!

RG3: That's fucking gross. You're a sick man. Anyways, I have better shit to do than to listen to you ramble on. I just wanted to tell you that your team is a FRAUD and that everyone hates you for being such a narcissistic prick. Eat shit.

Les: Geaux Tigers!

RG3: Geaux FUCK yourself.

After that, I punched Coach Miles in the face and he left the room like a whipped dog. I had never felt so good in my life after hitting that asswipe. All I can say is FUCK Les Miles.


PCbestever said...

HAHA... i appreciate the ab workout. when i read the golden shower comment... and scrolled down to the image.... PRICELESS

FUCK les miles

Joey said...

The hate for this man never dies...

Nitin said...

Bottom line is the begining of the season USC was # 1 and LSU # 2 - if both played out the season well they would have met in the BCS national championship. Well, LSU did but where the hell was USC??? Who gives a @#$% about being the hottest team in the country? We have the trophy that matters and you have nothing!

Yes we lost to Arkansas but at least we didn't lose to Stanford!!!!

USC is all sizzle and no steak. It will be the same story next year...big expectations to begin and then as usual they deflate and USC goes crying to their "mommy" - the Rose Bowl.

RG3 said...

Can't really argue there, "nitin". USC didn't take care of business in the middle of the season so we're left with the Rose Bowl.

Congratulations, you beat a team from the vastly overrated Big 10 in an arbitrarily arranged game. If it had been Georgia, USC or West Virginia on the other side of the ball, I don't think LSU walks away with the trophy. Enjoy while you can though, LSU won't be back in the title hunt for years to come.

Oh yeah, go fuck yourself.

Nitin said...

Looks like you need a daiper change RG3...!

BTW..You blog is so pathetic. Just lacing everything you say with profanity doesn't make it cool.

Oh yes....U$C is the pre-season #1 and I am sure if I check back in 2009 you and your pathetic clan will be whining about some other team and U$C as usual will be left with the crumbs.

RG3 said...

Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you need to drink a tall glass of "shut the fuck up" though. I doubt our blog is as pathetic as someone called "nitin".

USC is ranked as the pre-season #1 once again because we have stockpiled 4 and 5 star recruits for the last couple of years. We also have Coach Pete Carroll. As long as that guy is here, USC will be a perennial title contender. Hopefully USC will not have any let downs next season.

At least the USC clan doesn't whine as much as the LSU clan. Those guys are still crying about the split title in 2003.