Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still Talkin...

Its been a while since our last post, I apologize for that. The founding members here at USC Sports Talk have been quite busy the last few months. Some have been busy breaking in new careers, while the rest have been "hitting the books," working hard to obtain the prestigious status of USC Alumni. Congratulations to those USC Sports Talk members who have graduated. It was a looong journey. A battle that I'm am happy to say, no soldiers were left behind. Fight On!

Now just because we haven't made a post in over a month doesn't mean we are not abreast of all things USC. Joey and myself were fortunate enough to take in the Rose Bowl Game live and witness Mark Sanchez pick apart the Cowardly Lions' defense. Mel kiper fan and I have had the pleasure of attending all of the Men of Troy's home basketball games. And we have all been keeping a very close eye on the football recruiting scene. We will have numerous posts in the coming weeks as we approach National Signing Day on the colossal recruiting class BIG Balls Pete is putting together.

The Men of Troy

Earlier tonight I had the pleasure of watching the Trojans defeat the No. 15 ranked ASU Scumdevils 61-49. All the talk prior to the game was circled around ASU's super sophomore James Harden. The national media has been jerking off to Harden and how he is the poster child for why college basketball players should stay in college. Apparently there is much to be learned by staying in school an extra year and I think its safe to say that Daniel Hackett gave Mr. Harden his first lesson of the semester. Hackett LOCKED DOWN Harden the ENTIRE game. Harden finished with ZERO field goals and mustered a measly 4 points (4-7 from the free throw line). Hackett's gritty defensive performance was Kevin Durantesque, frustrating Harden from the tip-off.

There's a reason he's not a one-and-done

Demar Derozan helped seal the deal putting in a career high 22pts on 8-13 shooting. Derozan has progressed nicely over the course of the season. Every game he keeps getting better and better. Most impressive is his ability to have such a large impact on the game without having the ball in his hands.

This is a great win for the Trojans, however there is a lot of work to be done if the Trojans are to compete for the Pac-10 title. The Trojans have got to reduce their turnovers and find someone who can dribble the basketball (The fundamentals, dribbling and passing). We'll have a post game update following the Arizona game with some basketball recruiting updates as well. (I know Joey's hurting that Zona's recruiting class was gutted by the rest of the Pac-10)

Fight On!

Beat the Wildcats!

Oh yea I almost forgot, Josh Shipp's a pussy.

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