Monday, March 31, 2008

I heard it in a Dream

I can hear it now....


And now the starters for your USC Trojans!

At forward, a 6'8" sophomore from LYNWOOD, California. Wearing the #5... Daaa-von Jefffferson!

At the other forward position, a 6'6" freshman from COMPTON, California. Wearing the #24... Demar Deroooozan!

At guard, a 6'5" junior from Pesaro, Italy. Wearing the #13... Daniel Hackett!

At center, a 6'9" junior from Brooklyyyyn, New York. Wearing the #22... Taj Gibsooon!

And at the other guard position, a 6'5" sophomore from Huntington, West Virginia. Wearing the #32...... OJ Mayooooo!!!

The Trojans are coached by Tim Floyd!

Assisted by Bob Cantu, Gib Arnold, and Phil Johnson.

What a starting lineup that would be. The Trojan faithful cannot help but hope that freshman sensation OJ Mayo decides to return to for his sophomore season. The Trojans would field the most talented starting lineup in the conference, if not the entire country. The lethal combination of Davon Jefferson & Demar Derozan would cause tremendous mismatch opportunities, leaving opposing teams searching for defenders athletic enough to keep up with these two high fliers.

The ball however rests in OJ Mayo's hands. According to a recent LA Times article fellow freshman Davon Jefferson is planning on returning for his sophomore season. And Taj Gibson made his intentions clear at the Trojans award banquet, where he announced his plans to stay for his junior year. The Trojans will also get back 6'7" redshirt sophomore Kasey Cunningham and 7'0" redshirt freshman Mamadou Diarra both of which spent the 2007-2008 season recovering from injury. The Trojans also add Donte Smith, a 5'11" sophomore transfer from Mt. Sac Community College.

If Mayo does decide to declare for the NBA draft, the loss will be softened by the addition of Derozan, Rivals #2 ranked player in the country. However I'd much rather see Mayo dishing out alley oops to Derozan than have to dish out $200 for an authentic OJ Mayo NY Knicks jersey.

Fight On!

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